rOman skript (was Re: Word splitting...)

Narayan S. Raja raja at IFA.HAWAII.EDU
Sat Feb 13 01:37:49 UTC 1999

another point...

sins inglish iz rapidli
bikaming thuh dIfawlt
whirled langwayj, Y nawt
trai tu rashanalaiz
its speling?  wunt that
benifit moar pIpl than
miyarli introdyUsing
rOman skript fawr indiyan
langwayjus?  besaids speling,
inglish unnesesarili has
appar and lowar kEsas
(Y is "Y" difarent fram "y"?)
and kAnt distingwish bitwIn
lawng and shot vawals.

ill help yu if yu trai.

yawrs benevOlentli,



Since English is rapidly
becoming the default
world language, why not
try to rationalize
its spelling?  Wouldn't that
benefit more people than
merely introducing
Roman script for Indian
languages?  Besides spelling,
English unnecessarily has
upper and lower cases
(why is "Y" different from "y"?)
and can't distinguish between
long and short vowels.

I'll help you if you try.

Yours benevolently,


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