(Fwd) Re: Xuan Zang later chapters forgery - on what base?

Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Fri Feb 12 11:10:01 UTC 1999

Dear Mr. Ganesan

I have posted your request about the Xuan Zang's two chapters
dating on the Mailing list of Early Mediaval China and got a
response attched below my letter.

As I am not specialiased in that period (I am interested in the
preceeding dynasties of 5th century such as Liu Song and Bei Wei
and translator called Gunabhadra) of the Chinese Culture I suppose
it would be better for you to directly contact the specialist Dr.
Alexander Meyer, whose address have been kindly sent by prof.
Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer from the Herzog August Bibliothek. Once
you get an answer, please let me know more about the forgery if
you can.

Attached response from the Early Mediaval China mailing list:
Dear colleague,

you might contact Dr. Alexander Meyer who is, as far as I know,
still attached to the Sinologisches Seminar, Universitaet heidelberg,
Akademiestr. 4-8 - D-69117 Heidelberg. Germany. Fax: 0049-6211
54 76 39

With best regards

Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer
e-mail: schmidt-gl at hab.de
Petr Mares
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