SV: Mount Potalaka in Malaya mountains

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> In a message dated 2/10/99 4:02:33 PM Central Standard Time, erpet at COMP.CZ
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> <color><param>0100,0100,0100</param><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</
> > param><bigger>sounds. </color><FontFamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>In
> > Bael's transcription it would be written
> <color><param>0100,0100,0100</param><
> > FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param><bigger>t'o and tuo resp.
> Am I the only one getting gibberish like this? Does anybody know why this is
> happening? Thanks in advance.
> Regards
> S. Palaniappan

I get this kind of gibberish too sometimes, and not only from Indology. I think
it has to do with the mail program used (the codes look like RTF codes, but may
be something else). Ask the person sending the mails to check his/her mail
program. Given the bewildering amount of options in modern high performance
programs, this may not be so easy a task. I have some bitter experiences

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