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Mon Feb 8 02:15:02 UTC 1999

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>Some western editions of Sanskrit texts occasionally use avagraha (or
>double avagraha where appropriate) to indicate the assimilation of a
>final a or A into a preceeding a or A.  In examining nine western
>editions of the Bhagavad Geeta, it was seen that eight of them did this,
>but none were self-consistent (the same word combinations sometimes
>having an avagraha inserted and sometimes not).  Is this a modern or
>western edition use of avagraha?  Is it more correct not to use avagraha
>in this manner?
>Any guidelines from professional Sanskritists would be greatly
>Thank you,
>Harry Spier
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Feb 8, 99

The critical MahAbhArata edition of the BORI uses avagraha only to signify
an a elided in the preceding e or o.
K. S. Arjunwadakar

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