questions: hymns, latAveZin, manner of death

Stephen Roach & Fabrizia Baldissera oblivion at CHIANTINET.IT
Sun Feb 7 16:46:10 UTC 1999

Dear members,
I am translating a work of Kshemendra and have the following questions:

1) do you know of an
ashTAvatArastotra ? (especially in Kashmir?)+

2) after a quotation from StavacintAmani 1 and 2, there is the following
verse, which I have not been able to place:
sarvAnandasvarUpAya sarvamangalyahetave/
sarvakleZApahartre ca cidrUpabrahmane namah

(it may be an invention of Kshemendra, or a stock formula ). Has anyone come
across it from other contexts?

3) Has anyone read in any text the term latAveZin ? I took it to be a
magician who makes creepers possessed for the sake of prognostication.

4) Could any of you provide a reference (from the SUtras or the PurAnas,
perhaps) to the fact that evil people exhale their last breath from the

I'll be very grateful for any suggestion.

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