Realism of RAmAnuja

Martin Gansten mgansten at SBBS.SE
Sun Feb 7 10:03:15 UTC 1999

Dear Mr. Hebbar,

Thank you for your replies to my queries.

>Indian  Philosophical  systems  in  terms  of  Realism  (those
>systems  that  posit  that  things  exist  outside  and  independent  of
>consciousness)  [include]
>RAmAnuja  VedAnta

I know that this is what traditional Srivaishnava teachers claim, and they
may very well be right. But I would like to see some explicit statement of
Ramanuja to that effect. Personally, I have some difficulty in harmonizing
the notion of objects as external and independent of consciousness with the
concept of aprithaksiddhi. There is no doubt that Ramanuja defends the
reality of distinctions (God/soul/world, etc), but that is equally feasible
within the framework of an idealist ontology.

Martin Gansten

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