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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 6 14:09:47 UTC 1999

Does rATTA princes refer to Rashtrakutas?

Indeed, Auvai TuraicAmi PiLLai has written that
the title kAmuNDa/gAmuNDa occurs in Rashtrakuta inscriptions.

kAmuNDa/kAmiNDa is the old honorific title of vELALar of
Kongu country which has ancient Jain connections with Karnataka.
Kongu vELir wrote Perugkatai; Ciivaka CintAmaNi was produced
in KongunADu (cf. its pAyiram).

Does any kaNNaDa inscriptions mention kAmuNDa/kAmiNDa/gAmuNDa?
In what period, Chalukyas and/or Rashtrakutas?

N. Ganesan

Lionel D. Barnett, in his article, "Two inscriptions from Belgaum,
 now in the British Museum", EI, vol. 13, p.18, says,"The places
mentioned in this record are not many...vENugrAma (II. 38, 44, 48,
50), or vENugrAme (II. 41, 42), is BeLgaum itself; in other
inscriptions its name occurs as vELugrAme; and it is known
from other records to have been the chief town of a small district
of seventy villages; it seems to have been a second capital of the
rATTa princes." The inscription belongs to 1204 AD. The language of
the inscriptions is Kannada except for the Sanskrit prelude and two
verses. The Kannada name vELugrame suggests that the original name
 did have long E and the present short E should be attibuted to the
loss of historical memory regarding the significance of
the term "vEL".

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