Hindu concept of time

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The following Indic concepts of Time are interesting.

N. Ganesan

1)  Smith, R Morton
    Time in India : the paradox of state and motion,
    East and West, 38, 1988, p. 93-105

2) Smith, R Morton
   Sin in India : [avidya (ignorance), human imperfection]
   East and West, 33 (1983), p. 125-142

   Abstract/Note: The deficiency of human nature, its imperfection,
                  is the source of the sense of sin in the Western
                  emotional society.  In the intellectual society of
                  brahmin India, recognition of deficiency takes
                  other forms.  The emotional tends to the individual,
                  the intellectual to the impersonal group.  The
                  caste system reduces ethical problems and
                  responsibilities.  The guilt of low caste or
                  femininity is made tolerable by the doctrines of
                  karma and  transmigration, and the divisiveness
                  that there is always someone still lower.  Since it
                  is easier to be intellectually correct than good,
                  the intellectual culture  has little faith in human
                  nature.  The result of sin being in the out-group
                  is an amoral world.  Ethics cannot matter
                  so much in the infinity of time in the kalpa.

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