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> Dear list members:
> Does any critical edition of the Vishnupurana exist? If not, are there any
> particular editions generally considered better or more reliable than others?
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> Martin Gansten

The All-India Kashiraj Trust in Varanasi and the Baroda Oriental
Research Institute have been dealing with the preparation of critical
editions of Pur-a.nas, following methodological assumptions of the
Mbh critical edition. According to my information, the collation of
the 27 selected manuscripts for a edition has already
been finished in 1986 under the supervision of Dr. M.M. Pathak.
Dr. M.L. Wadekar (general editor) had informed me back in 1993 that
the difficulties to get the edition published might be solved soon,
but I don't know, what has happened since then.

According to the editors of the New Catalogus Catalogorum, the number
of manuscripts is 238; the Nepalese-German Manuscript
Preservation Project brought up knowledge of many more manuscripts,
as Prof. Peter Schreiner mentiones in his work on the stotras in the

I would suggest to use the Venkateshvara Press (reprinted at Nag
publishers, with commentaries) or the Gitapress edition.


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