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> Dear Victor!
> I forgot to mention an article about Indian time by Eliade. However, I do
> not remember the name of the article. It is in a book with several essays
> on time in different religions and culture. Contact me in end of this
> month, and I should be able to give you the data.
> Best regards
> Jon.


Eliade, Mircea. "Time and eternity in Indian thought" In: Man and
time. Ed. by  Joseph Campbell. New York 1957, p. 173-200.

This is a revised version of Eliade's French article in the Eranos
Jahrbuch 20 (1951). Eliade has referred to Indian time conciousness
and the classical conceptualization of cyclical time on various
occasions in other publications as well, relating it to his diagnosis
of a general desinterest in history (in India in particular) and to
the shamanic experiences of time and timelessness he is referring to
all the time.


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