Mount Potalaka in Malaya mountains

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 3 12:59:37 UTC 1999

NG>By the way, does anybody know when the earliest attestation for
NG>the name 'pOtala' (waterfalls) is?

DVN Sarma writes:
>Not necessary. Taranatha uses names of places which were current
>in 13th and 14th centuries. If the place has the name potala in
>this period it is sufficient. As far as we know therte is no
>evidence that it has been called any thing else.

 Is there any inscriptional or textual evidence of 'potala'
 in nAgArjunakoNDa? So far, I have not seen any.

 References please.

 N. Ganesan

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