Hindu concept of time

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Wed Feb 3 02:23:22 UTC 1999

I do not know if Trautmann's edited work includes Mayan's Aintiram.

Recently, there was a conference in Kanyakumari. Let me cite from Dr. S.P.
Sabharathnam's paper: Principles of cosmic science as set forth in Mayan's

"pul.l.ipporul.e_ ezhutturu civan.um (aintiram 128). Translation: eternal
substance in the form of the minutest dot...Primal Micro Point, pul.l.i...

vaiyamum vin.n.um cir_pamum uyirum meypporul. nilaiyen-ak kalainir_ai vo_n:ga
(aintiram 523). Translation: the visible universe, space, all the visible
objects governed by proportions, measures and time bound systems, living
beings--one should observe all these as the manifest states of Eternal
Substance and get himself enlightened by creative consciousness...

ka_lamum kal.amum mu_lam un.arttum (aintiram 57). Translation: the primal
micro point is indicative of both time and space-field...

mu_lappul.l.ic cur..alum nun.porul. ka_la viraivin- kan.akkiyal ar_intu
(aintiram 632). Translation: having understood the systematic mechanism
associated with the swiftness of Time which revolves with enormous speed at
the centre of the Primal Micro Point...

ka_lam karutik kan.akkur_a no_kkin-, ka_lame_ pat.aikkum ka_lame al.ikkum,
ka_lame ar..ikkum ka_lame_ mar_aikkum, ka_lame_ tut.aikkum kan.ippiyal o_rnte_
(aintiram 815). Translation: Time itself creates; Time itself maintains; Time
itself brings back everything to its original unmanifest state; Time itself
conceals; and at the end, Time itself absorbs everything into its fold...

Regards, Kalyanaraman

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