Draft 7-bit Indic transliteration scheme

Anthony P Stone stone_catend at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Feb 1 09:12:53 UTC 1999

On Jan 30, 1999, N Ganesan wrote:

>A suggestion: Along with the eleven scripts considered, a column
>might be added for Grantha script of writing Sanskrit.

We have not forgotten the Grantha script.   The idea is that its
transliteration will be covered by looking up equivalent characters.   This
will apply to other Indian scripts also.

>For vowels and gutturals,
> . . .

Please note that these URLs are for an intermediate working draft of the
scheme, and that the final details will be slightly different.

Tony Stone

Dr Anthony P. Stone, Project Leader, ISO/TC46/SC2/WG12 Transliteration of
Indic scripts.  
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