Place and year of a remark by Kielhorn

Ashok Aklujkar fo8z003 at PUBLIC.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Tue Aug 31 16:32:15 UTC 1999

In the introduction to his edn and tr of Naage;sa's or Naagoji-bha.t.ta's
Paribhaa.sendu-;sekhara, Lorenz Franz Kielhorn made the following
(important) remark according to the second edn (by K.V. Abhyankar) of the
same work, in which the remark is reproduced: "It is sad to see the number
of great ;saastriis, distinguished no less for their humility and modesty
than for their learning and intelligence, diminish year after year, and to
feel that with them there is dying away more and more of that traditional
learning which we can so ill dispense with in the interpretation of the
enigmatic works of Hindu antiquity, but it appears to me all the more to be
the duty of both Native and European Sanskrit scholars to save as much as
can still be saved, and to fix in writing what in less than half a century
will otherwise be irreparably lost."

I have been able to gather the following details about what Abhyankar calls
K's first edn (I drop the diacritics): (a) The Paribhasendu-sekhara of
Nagoji-bhatta. Part I: the Sanskrit Text and Various Readings. Bombay: The
Indu Prakash Press. Bombay Sanskrit Series 2.  1868.  (b) The
Paribhasendu-sekhara of Nagoji-bhatta, edited and explained by F.
Kielhorn.Part II: Translation and Notes. Bombay: The Indu Prakash Press (7,
9) / Government Central Book Depot (12). Bombay Sanskrit Series 7, 9, 12.

This means that while only one year is associated with part I of K's edn,
part II took 3-4 years to appear (it was quite common in those days to
publish Skt texts in fasciculi). Did K make the remark quoted above in 1871
when the first fascicule of part II appeared (one would expect the
introduction to be at the beginning) or did he make it in an introduction
that appeared only in the last fascicule of part II? Could anyone with
access to K's original edn clarify the situation for me and also specify
the pages on which that remark appears? Thanks. -- ashok aklujkar

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