Year of publication of a Gode article

Ashok Aklujkar fo8z003 at PUBLIC.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Tue Aug 31 15:45:15 UTC 1999

In order to complete a paper for publication, I need to know the year of
the original publication of the following article by P.K. Gode: "Bernier
and Kaviindraacaarya Sarasvatii at the Mughal Court." This article is
reprinted in (the collection of Gode's articles) Studies in Indian Literary
History, vol. II, pp. 364-379. Bombay: Singhi Jain Shastra Sikshapith,
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. 1954. Sighi Jain Series 38. Even the detail that it
was originally published in the Annals of S.V. Oriental Institute,
Tirupati, 1.4:1-16 is given. However, the year in which this vol 1 was
published has not been given. As I do not have access to the journal, I
would be grateful if someone could convey to me the missing detail. Thanks.
-- ashok aklujkar

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