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Fri Aug 27 15:59:12 UTC 1999

Dear Dr. Bose,

Thanks for references on HallIsakam. How do the references summarize
its etymology? PDr. *allica => hallIsa(ka) has been suggested.
hal(l) "move, shake" (CDIAL 14001-14018)
(compare ta. alacu/alai(cu)/alaGku "move,wave,shake")
iza/iSa/isa from DEDR 469
(compare ta. iyangu "move", etc.,)

The vedic verbal root iS(eSati) "to cause to move quickly"
is likely to be related to this Dr. iyangu/isangu/esangu
("to move, to go"). Probably, -Iza in gaNeza and Izvara
may belong to Dr. 'isangu'. Compare 'iyavuL' of sangam
texts as God, also Isan in srivaishna and saivaite ta. texts.

N. Ganesan

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