History use and etymology of dhImahi

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Hoffman treats this particular form in his AufsAtze sur Indoiranistic, bd 2,
1976, pp.483-485

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> Subject: History use and etymology of dhImahi
> Dear list members,
> The sanskrit word dhImahi (well known of course from the
> Gayatri mantras)is
> listed by Whitney in his "Roots, Verb-Forms and Primary
> Derivatives of the
> Sanskrit Language" under the root "dhI, dhIdhI, 'think'" as a
> lone entry
> under class II present tense (dating from the Brahmana
> period). i.e. "Pres.
> [2.] dhImahi B.+ --".  He remarks at the end of the entry
> "The form dhImahi
> belongs here only as thus used later, with a false apprehension of its
> proper meaning."  Whitney also lists adhImahi dhImahi and
> dhImahe under the
> root "dhA, dadh, 'put'" among his aorist forms (as appearing
> in the Vedas).
> Also under section 837 b. of his grammar he lists dhImahi as
> optative form
> but remarks "...and probably from A roots,...dhImahi (which
> might also be
> augmentless indicative since adhImahi and adhItAm also occur).".
> (Quotes from M-W) are from on-line dictionary from U. of Koeln)
> Monier-Williams under entry: "dhI to perceive, think,reflect
> desire..." says
> "...the forms dhImahi and adhAyi belong rather to 1. dhA". M-W lists
> adhImahi dhImahi and dhImahe under the entry for root dhA.
> He lists both
> meanings(among others) there of "to put" and "to direct the mind or
> attention".
> Can someone tell me:
> 1. Did dhImahi at some point change its meaning in its later
> use?  And was
> this due to a "misapprehension in its meaning" and if so what was the
> misapprehension and what was its original meaning?
> 2. Is Whitney indicating that dhImahi is used as a present
> tense without an
> optative or injunctive sense?
> Thanks in advance
> Harry Spier
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