Tamas & dyaus?

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Thu Aug 19 03:11:00 UTC 1999

The "Grand Cross" generally refers specifically to the solar
eclipse of August 11.  During that event, you have a close opposition
of Mars and Saturn occuring at nearly 90 degree angles to the
eclipse.  Uranus is also in opposition to the Sun and Moon.

Some connect the Grand Cross to Nostradamus' prediction concerning
the year 1999.  Strangely, even before Nostradamus, the Kalajnana,
written around 1000 years ago, predicted grand events for the same
year (Kali 5101).

The Kalajnana, written in Kannada and Telugu, predicts the arrival
of Kalki in the form of Sriveerabhoga Vasantaraya.

Paul Kekai Manansala

JR Gardner wrote:
> Someone sent me a snippet on some rare astrological phenomenon involving
> the planets, moon, and comets which is considered altogether rare occuring
> today and y'day, supposedly (as these things often are) with potent
> portents- here's a snip from their e-mail (note last 3-5 lines):
> The likes of the configuration that will be occurring in August of 1999
> has
> not been seen in recent times. There was a weaker version of this
> configuration on January 11, 1910. This was in cardinal signs and included
> 7
> major planets and 1 of the asteroids. The Grand Cross is part of a
> "crossing
> over" to a new era or age. It is to be noted that the first air
> transportation service, utilizing dirigibles in Germany, was established
> on
> this date. It is easy to see how the advances in technology transformed
> the
> world from a horse-and-buggy condition to the high-tech world we live in
> now. The Grand Cross coming this next August is much more powerful and
> features 9 major planets, the Moon's nodes, Chiron and 2 of the 4
> asteroids
> in fixed signs. It will take someone with more sophisticated computer
> software than I have to research how long it has been since this
> configuration was last seen. It will affect everyone and everything. The
> Grand Cross can occur in any of 3 modes; cardinal, fixed or mutable. These
> correspond to the 3 gunas of the Vedas or rajas, tamas or sattva. This one
> is in the tamasic, or fixed signs. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and
> Aquarius. The fixed signs have long been recognized as crucial in the
> experience of mankind. The Sphinx is a composite of the fixed cross. It
> has
> the head of a man (Aquarius), the front paws of a lion (Leo), the body and
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