Dr. Bag's book and Pythagorean theorem in India

Avinash Sathaye sohum at MS.UKY.EDU
Thu Aug 12 13:28:35 UTC 1999

The details of  Dr. Bag's book are:
Mathematics in Ancient and Medieval India
Dr. A. K. Bag
Chaukhamba Oriental Research Studies No. 16
Chaukhamba Orientalia Varanasi/Delhi
First edition 1979

I would also recommend another classic (if you can get hold of it)
History of Hindu Mathematics parts I,II (Motilal Banarsidas 1935, 38)
Reprinted by Asia Publishing House Bombay (Sorry, no further details. I only
have a copy of the original).

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen wrote:

> On 11 Aug 99, at 13:56, Avinash Sathaye wrote:
> > In his book "Mathematics in ancient India (Chaukhamba O.R.S. 16)" Dr. A.K.
> > Bag mentions ...
> It sounds interesting, thank you for the information.  Could you
> kindly give me the full details of Dr. Bag's book.  For example I am
> not sure what "O.R.S." abbreviates.
> ...

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