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Subject: Please post : Update of upaniShads page

       The following post is regarding the update of the upaniShads
page on the Sanskrit documents page. I request you to kindly post it on
the Indology List for the benefit of the members.

Thank you,
sanskrit at

namo namaH |
        The upaniShad page of the Sanskrit document site has been
updated to include more upaniShads. In addition to the principal
upaniShads, other upaniShads
like the atharvashira and kaula have been added to the web site. The
newly added upaniShads are marked with a 'nava' superscript in
Interested readers are welcome to utilize the same at :
and its mirror sites.
Contributions in the form of additional encodings and proof-reads are
Thank you.

Please send suggestions and enquiries to either sanskrit at
or reply to sanskrit_documents at

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