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Following are several sources that may be of interest to you.

<bold>Calendrical Calculations

</bold>Presents in a completely algorithmic form, a description of
fourteen calendars including the Hindu lunar. This is a very good
resource for programmers and includes B Lisp source code.

Dershowitz and Reingold

Cambridge University Press


<bold>World Calendar

</bold>A shareware application (license may be purchased for $10) based
on the algorithems contained in Calendrical Calculations. It is
available for both Macintosh and Windows from



</bold>A commercial DOS application (license may be purchased for $100)
that can be run under Windows95/98. Contains a daily and monthly
almanic calendar (tithis, nakshatra, etc.) adjusted to the user's
location for any date from 470BC to 9999. Avaliable from


>     I had to make a list of the dates of the Indian Lunar holidays
for the

>year 2000.  Because I was unable to find either a panchanga or lunar

>calendar for year 2000 I had to derive the start and end dates of the

>from astronomical data.  This I did from the Nasa JPL web site at

> .  It was quite easy but

>I.e. extracting the longtitudes of the sun and moon wrt the ecliptic

>each hour of year 2000, and pasting the data into an excel spreadsheet

>deriving the phase angle and tithi from this.  But after doing this

>occured to me that a much easier way of doing this would be to work

>with the formulas for deriving the longtitudes of the sun and the moon

>that this is probably available in an Indian source somewhere with all

>constants necessary for Indian calendar calculations.


>     Do any of the list members know either these formulas (preferably

>the constants and degree of accuracy appropriate for the tithi

>or a source where I can get them either in the USA or in India?  Also

>understand there is an "Indian Astronomical Ephemeris" and a Report
from the

>Committee for Calendar Reform (1957).  Does anyone know where I can

>copies of these?


>Thanks in advance,







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