The elephant naLagiri/nalagiri

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Fri Apr 16 14:37:58 UTC 1999

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> Quite interestingly, the PED notes two instances when aGjana
> is used in the
> meaning of 'ointment-tube, collyrium-box' (aGjana=aGjana-nALi
> - TherIgAthA
> 413, Dhammapada-aTThakathA II.25). Was also nALI/i ('a hollow
> stalk, tube,
> pipe') used to mean 'ointment-tube, collyrium-box'? With its
> suggestion of
> blackness?

Couod it refer to the trunk of the elephant itself which is a black tube
("naLa nALAm") too.
In classical Tamil an elephant is refered to as
"thumbi" (the trunk) or "kaimmA" (kai = arm/trunk and mA = animal) also.


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