Book review: Indus Age- the Writing System by Gregory L. Possehl.

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Apr 30 23:06:46 UTC 1999

>The source of this problem is the author's ignorance of Indian
>languages and sources. It is as though the author has taken the modern
>Indological dogma of the Harappan-Vedic dichotomy

  Is it Rajaram's position that once Greg learns Sanskrit,
  he will say that Indus culture is Vedic Aryan? Is
  Jha's Vedic glossary of Indus seals accepted by
  Dr. Kalyanaraman?

  I heard that Possehl's manuscript was ready before
  Parpola's Deciphering the Indus script was published.
  Can someone tell me whether the book under review
  has mentioned Parpola's book, Deciphering the Indus script?

  V. Iyer

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