Day is night in Dravidian?

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 25 18:07:00 UTC 1999

> PuRam 123-1: nAL kaL uNTu nAL makizh makizhin2
>    "if a man's drunk from morning on" (transl. A.K. Ramanujan 1985)
>     "[Anyone], if he drinks toddy in the morning,// and
>     gets happily drunk by the time he holds court,"  (
>     transl. G. Hart 1979)

   Is the translation right? nAL kaL = nATkaL = fresh toddy.
   naL could refer to day or night. (or, the adjoining lines
   may make it to morning. Is it so?)

> + we also meet with "naL en2al", like in
>  naL en2 kaGkul (8 occ.) "in the dead of night" (A.K.Ramanujan
>  naL en2 yAmattu (11 occ.) "in the night" (ibid. p.77)

   "naLLiTaic cAkilan2; pakaliTaic cAkilan2"; Here,
   Kamban uses unambiguously 'naL' as 'night'.

   V. Iyer

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