Trilingual inscription from Sri Lanka

Ellen M. Raven ellraven at WXS.NL
Sat Apr 24 16:50:30 UTC 1999

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> The "epigraphist" S. Paranavitana is totally untrustworthy. The least you can say is that
> he had a lot of fantasy, but he might be better called a scientific fraud.

Adding to the several objections to the above statement, I would like
to point out, that to call S. Paranavitana a scientific fraud is not
only an insult to him and to Sri Lankan archaeology, but also to
Paranavitana's supervisor at Leiden University, the eminent
Sanskritist, epigraphist and art historian Prof. J. Ph. Vogel.

Ellen Raven
Kern Institute of Indology, Leiden

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