Early translations of the gItA

Guy Werlings guy.werlings at WANADOO.FR
Fri Apr 23 12:57:48 UTC 1999

Dear Indologists,

Have some questions for you , as to the early translations  into English
of the bhagavad gItA :

1. When and where was published the translation of Sir Edwin Arnold ?
The text, I found on the net.

2. As far as I know, the very first translation was the one of Charles
Wilkins, which was published in London in1785.
Could anyone of you let me know how Wilkins translated the 4 verses :
2.16 - 4.18 - 13.2 and 18.66.

3. Does anyone of you knows the translation by Mr J. Cockburn Thompson,
and could give me the date and place of publication, as well as the
translation for the 4 above verses.

Very best regards

Guy Werlings

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