Trilingual inscription from Sri Lanka

Harry Falk falk at ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Fri Apr 23 10:44:47 UTC 1999

> The "epigraphist" S. Paranavitana is totally untrustworthy. The least you can say is that he had a
> lot of fantasy, but he might be better called a scientific fraud.

The early work of Paranavitana is good, e.g. his Sigiri graffiti, andhis corpus of old inscriptions.
The two books on the "Greeks and
the Mauryas" and on the history of "Sigiri" on the basis of his
"interlinear" texts is a rare case of forgery, maybe because of some
cerebral illness. For his early and mature work he should get the
credit he deserves!
Harry Falk

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