Technology's Impact on So. Asian linguistics

Fri Apr 23 17:14:33 UTC 1999

Dear Indology List Members:

I am doing graduate work in Sanskrit at the University of Iowa. I'm also
involved in a research project investigating the impact of technology on
South Asian linguistics. Any experience you could share on the impact of
electronic media, computers, networks, the Internet or any other digital
technology on your work or the discipline in general, would be very

Examples of appropriate areas would be: lexicography, OCR, the use of
electronic texts in research, hypertext in research or teaching,
collaborative writing over networks, and the use of multimedia in pedagogy;
but information on other related areas would be welcomed, as would any
references you have to others who have accomplished things in the field.

I can be contacted at either of the following:
mdunker at
dunkerm at

Thank you very much.

Michael Dunker

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