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K.Maheswaran Nair, Ph.D.
Foreword  E.M.S.Namboodiripad.
HB, Demy 1/8, pp 124 Price Rs. 200/- ($50)
ISBN 81- 87084 - 00 - 6

"I hope that the publication of this volume together with this foreword of
mine, will give rise to lots of discussion on the pre and post-Sankara
Indian philosophy" – E.M.S. Namboodiripad says in the foreword of the book.
 Philosophy and Scientific Temper, Dialectics in Advaitavedanta, the
Adhikarana method and the concept of Triad: a dialectical comparison,
Advaitavedantic logic of social justice, A brief note on the comparison of
Marxism and the concept of avathara, Basic trends of conflict in
philosophy, Philosophic foundations of Indian Culture and Adrsta and Apurva
 in Indian philosophy are the papers in the volume.

Dr. Mavelikkara Achuthan
Foreword by Dr.N.P.Unni
HB Demi 1/8 pp 232 Price Rs. 300/- ($70)
ISBN 81- 87084 – 04 - 9
The alankaras with special reference to which the monograph is written are
Upama, Atisayokti, Asama, Udaharana, Praudhokti, Lalitam, Praharsana,
Visadana, Ullasa, Avajna, Anujna and Tiraskara the last being a figure
identified, defined and illustrated by the Panditaraja himself for the
first time. The deep and detailed study of the selected alankaras is really
penetrating and it bears testimony to the author's intimate knowledge of
the text of standard works in Sanskrit rhetoric.  The exposition of Upama
and Atisayokti the two most important alankaras is particularly remarkable
on account of its comparative and critical approach - Dr.P.K.Narayana

K.Maheswaran Nair, Ph.D.
Foreword Dr.N.P.Unni
HB Demi 1/8 pp260 Price Rs. 500/- ($100)
ISBN 81- 87084 – 02 - 2
This is the only comprehensive book available on Manuscriptology. 
Definition, nature, scope, branches and aim of Manuscriptology, Cultural
history in outline, Language spoken and written, History of writing,
Orientology, Indology and Manuscriptology, Collection, cataloguing and
preservation of manuscripts, Manuscripts Libraries, Reading the scripts,
Textual criticism and edition, Publication of Manuscripts, Manuscriptology
and Computer and New Manuscriptology are the topics dealt with in the book.
 List of important MSS Libraries of India abroad, List of organizations,
periodicals etc., Sanskrit sayings and other useful appendices are added. 
All the scripts of Indian MSS have been given.  A comprehensive glossary of
terms and an extensive bibliography are also very useful for students,
teachers and all interested in Manuscriptology.

HB Demi 1/8 pp 240 Price Rs.400 ($90)
ISBN 81- 87084 – 03 –0
This is the Ph.D. thesis of Dr.Seetha published in book form.  The study
commences with an introduction giving a short account of the stotra
literature of Sanskrit with special reference to Saundaryalahari.  Chapters
are assigned to the contents of the work, its poetic beauty,
Saundaryalahari as an epitome of Saktism, philosophical aspects of
Saundaryalahari, modes of worship practiced in it and a comparative study
with other works so as to see how far Sankara was influenced by his
preceptor Gaudapada and how far later poets were influenced by Sankara.

Dr. P.Chithambaran
Foreword by Dr.T.Devarajan
HB Demi 1/8 pp 316 Price Rs. 400/ ($80)
ISBN 81- 87084 – 06 - 5
The book has two parts, one being the study of the work and the other, a
critical edition of the work.
The merit of the treatise is that it reviews the most comprehensive ideas
of a vast subject, the Advaita Vedanta in an accurate, well-arranged and
readable manner.  The author substantiates his views by quoting Upanisads
and other scriptures.  Another importance of this work is that it was
written at a time when the Advaita Vedanta was facing a setback at the
hands of the Dvaitins and Visistadvaitins.  For the above reasons, the
present work of Amarananda has an important place among the Prakarana
treatises of Advaita Vedanta.

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