BJP Govt. Falls: My Question Is, So What?

Partha Banerjee partha at CAPITAL.NET
Tue Apr 20 03:06:40 UTC 1999

I don't want to discuss politics with people who don't want to discuss
politics. That's okay. But there are people on this list here who do want
to discuss politics.

And I don't want to talk poverty with people who haven't seen poverty. They
have only seen numbers. And one kind of numbers.

And we have been in this melee many times before when political discussions
(and relevant ones) are watered down by "apolitical" "scholars". As if
politics is detached from scholarly lives.

Oh yes, fascists and fanatics are now very sad that their govt is toppled
by their own bedfellows. Let's forgive their viciousness for now.

-Partha Banerjee

>On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Partha Banerjee wrote:
>> Who talked about a conspiracy?
>Thought you did.  Sounded like it,
>with all those hints about the U.S.,
>Harvard, and what not.  What did all
>that mean, then?
>> Moreover, we should be proud to have a more sensible defence policy
>Not proud, but relieved.
>> and not
>> bicker about the ever-increasing poverty,
>                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>According to the International Food Policy
>Research Institute at:
>  ,
>"Poverty in rural India has declined substantially in recent decades. The
> percentage of the rural population living below the poverty line
> fluctuated between 50 and 65 percent prior to the mid-1960s, but then
> declined steadily to about one third of the rural population by the
> early 1990s."
>> skyrocketing prices of living,
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>According to today's Financial Times at:
> ,
>"The annual rate of inflation fell sharply by
> 0.44 percentage points to 4.60 per cent in the first week of
> 1999-2000 on cheaper non-food articles and food products."
>> and nuclear waste, etc.
>We don't have much (yet).  We don't
>have much oil either.  So the choice
>at this time is between nuclear waste
>and coal smoke.
>In real life, we are often confronted by
>more than one problem simultaneously.
>Then one has to do something about all
>of them.
>PS:  I don't think this is relevant to
>     the Indology list.

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