BJP Govt. Falls: My Question Is, So What?

Partha Banerjee partha at CAPITAL.NET
Mon Apr 19 00:40:12 UTC 1999

Swaminathan Madhuresan <smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM>

>Subramaniam Swamy, M.P. has likened
>Sonia to Laxmi, Jayalalita to Sarasvati,
>and Mayavati to Durga and he claims India
>is saved because of the trio!
>Currently, does Laxmi represent the West -Rome,
>Sarasvati represent the Brahmin lady - traditional
>knowledge bearer, Durga the Shudra woman??
>Is it high time to switch to All India Roman script?

Swamy is also one of the most pro-U.S. politicians Jan Sangh/BJP has ever
produced. Now he sleeps with anti-BJP forces. During my days with RSS and
Jan Sangh, I knew him personally. He can do anything to get into political

Truly, in today's India, Sonia = Lakshmi (still sits on Bofors money?);
Jayalalitha "Imelda" (I thought *she* was today's Lakshmi) = Saraswati
(think about her political wisdom to mastermind the fall); and Mayavati =
Durga (consider her big army of U.P. thugs).

Who benefits from this enormous chaos? What do Swamy's Harvard colleagues say?


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