Day is night in Dravidian?

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> > Another
> > meaning of "nAL" not listed by DEDR but preserved in Tamil and
> > Malayalam is
> > 'daily lunar asterism' more explicitly referred to as "nALmIn2", a
> > compound
> > of "nAL" and 'mIn2", where "mIn2" is from *min2- to flash, glitter,
> > etc. (See
> > DEDR 4876).
> > Regards
> > S. Palaniappan
> >
> Actually the word "nAL" itself stands for daily lunar asterism
> without
> the assistance of teh word "mIn2":
> Another classical text uses the words "nAL mIn2" and "kOL mIn2"
> to distinguish between lunar asterisms and planets showing that "nAL"
> means asterism and "kOL" planet:
> "nIl niRa vicumpin2 valan2 Erpu tiritaru
> nAL mIn2 virAya kOL mIn2 pOla" (paTTin2appAlai: 67-68)
> meaning " the planets, dispersed amidst the lunar asterisms,
> traversing clockwise in the blue sky..".
> paripATal:
> "villin2 kaTai makaram mEvap pAmpu ollai
> mathiyam maRaiya varum nAL" (paripATal: 11:9-10)
> commentator parimElazakar says
>  "...on the [aviTTam] asterism when [saturn] aligns with makaram
>  which is next to sagittarius and [rAhu] hides the full moon".
> here nAL = asterism specifically aviTTam.

Entering the word "naks2atra"  in the "English" field of the search
menu for the Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon at
returns 200 entries many with the suffix "nAL" or "n2AL".
Another very interesting point to note is the Tamil names
for the asterisms pushed out of currency by Skt. names.

maruttuvanAL = asvini
aRivan2AL = the 26th naks2atra  (uttara prostapada)
erinAL, Al, Aral = the third naks2atra  (krittika);
[Al and Aral occur frequently in CT]
nIrnAL = the 20th naks2atra  (Purvashada)
mAyOn2AL, ONam  = the 22nd naks2atra  (shravana or Ta. ONam)
[mAyOn2 = Skt. vishnu]
jnemali = the 10th naks2atra (magha) = dog
vIzkkai = the 15th naks2atra  (Svati)
nAvAy, paHRi = rEvati
[nAvAy = ship; paHRi = round boat]
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