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Many thanks to Harry Spier (I overlooked van Buitenen's note) and Mikhael
Witzel (I have Minoru Hara's article; will you kindly check about Hacker?).
I have found very useful information on *bhagavat* and related words in:

E. Washburn Hopkins. The Epic Use of bhagavat and bhakti. JRAS, 1911, pt. 2,
pp. 727-738 (exhaustive and especially important),
M.Dhavamony. Love of God according to Saiva Siddhanta. Oxford, 1971 (esp. pp.
The Bhagavad-Gita  with a commentary based on the original sources by
R.C.Zaehner. Oxford Un. Press, 1969, p. 181 (the analysis of the semantics
of bhaj- and bhakti was done for R.C.Zaehner by Fr.M Dhavamony).
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