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Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Wed Apr 14 16:47:32 UTC 1999

> >Isn't it strange that such a famous exponent of a leading school
> >of philosophy, has no other references in Indian literature?
> No, it's not: it is the rule. As a matter of fact we don't really *know*
> anything about kAlidAsa himself.

 The name kAlidAsa, that too in that early age, is not a name typically sported
 by brahmins. Is it certain that kAlidAsa is a brahmin?

 Sankara and Ramanuja are also not occuring inscriptions. In direct
 contrast to 1000s of lady donors of 1 or 2 goats to a temple X.

 The Western obsession with identity is different compared to Indian
 mode of life. We have huge temples, art masterpieces, entire kAvyas,
 But we can't say who produced them. Is it because Indians valued what
 is said much more than who said it?


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