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Dear coleagues

Doe anybody know what experience exactly term:
Boehtlingk says: "ringförmige lichterscheinungen vor  geschlossenen augen"
i.e. "circular optical phenomena before closed eyes"

Monier says:: "m. a sling  or knot of hair, suzr.; net-like apparitions seen while the eyes are shut, aitAr".
Edgerton's Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dict. cites Boehtlingk without even translating it to English and criticizes Suzuki's rendering "hair-net"

Chinese either translate it as chiu2fa4 which is probably misunderstanding or mao2lun2 which is literal but does not tell me about the experience I can relate it to.
Can anybody tell me where this term came from or what phenomena it is in detail?

Thank You


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