Sanskrit for Cyber Space

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Mon Apr 12 18:04:38 UTC 1999

 Now is probably the auspicious time to ask because we receive
 emails from Chidambaram proper. Tillai (Chidambaram) has mainly
 two sabhAs - ciRRampalam (Small hall, citsabhA/cit AkAza) and
 pErambalam (Big hall, DevasabhA). Philosophically, they represent the
 Human consciousness and Universe resp.; In both Inner and Outer
 cosmos, Lord NaTarAja dances blissfully for ever.

 In those days, electromagnetic waves were not  discovered.
 The cyber space, parallel to the concept of Small and Big sabha-s
 (cit & AkAza), is called  minnambalam in Tamil now. I am requesting
 Sanskrit words for 'cyber' please, then they can be tagged in front
 of sabhA or AkAza. Grateful for suggestions.

 Happy New Year's day (ancient solar calender),

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