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L.S.Cousins L.S.Cousins at NESSIE.MCC.AC.UK
Mon Apr 12 08:16:50 UTC 1999

The fourth update to the machine-readable version of the Sinhalese edition
(BJT) of the Pali Canon from SLTP (IBRIC) is now available from the Journal
of Buddhist Ethics (JBE) sites in the U.K. and U.S. (There is some work
still in progress on this; so those interested may want to check back later
to see if anything has been added.)

Details of changes in this update:

The whole of the  Vinaya-pi.taka has been proof-read once. SIL standard
references (for use with concordancing programs) have been added. Thirty
eight later Pali works are now available, including eleven grammatical
works and sixteen va.msa texts. Fuller details of these will be posted in
new readme files shortly. All proofread files have been gone through again
(ie. Vinaya-pi.taka , Diigha-nikaaya, Majjhima-nikaaya, Sa.myutta-nikaaya
and Anguttara-nikaaya), using a method of error detection suggested by
Frank Snow whereby impossible combinations in Pali were identified. This
has corrected some 5,000 errors overall in these files.

As before the files are available from the JBE websites:


Details of previous updates:

Update 3 :
          The only change was that the whole of the  Sa.myutta-nikaaya was
proof-read once.

Update 2:
         One volume of the Vinaya (BJT Vol 1/PTS Vol IV) and the whole of
the  Diigha-nikaaya and the Majjhima-nikaaya were proof-read once. The
versions of the Mahaaniddesa and Cuu.laniddesa were partially
spell-checked. Further missing pages in the Kathaavatthu were added. All
the PTS page numbering was completed, including the the four postcanonical
texts. Some 30,000 errors were identified and corrected  in different texts.

Update 1:
        Missing sections in the Diigha-nikaaya, Jaataka and Kathaavatthu
were added. A revised version of AN was included. There was some additional
PTS page numbering in the Khuddaka-nikaaya. Amendments were made to the
Mahaaniddesa. Small numbers of errors in various texts were corrected.

Lance Cousins


Email: L.S.Cousins at nessie.mcc.ac.uk

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