Ugradattapariprccha and distress

jonathan silk at YALE.EDU
Sun Apr 11 01:17:35 UTC 1999

Jan Nattier of Indian University is working on a critical edition of the
Tibetan text of the Ugradatta, and an English translation taking into
account the Tibetan tradition and all Chinese versions.

A complete translation exists by Sakurabe Hajime in Daijo Butten vol. 9
(Tokyo: Chuo Koron). -- of course, in Japanese.

***The distress part:  it wastes time if those asking for information do
not add to their requests what they already know, and do not take the
trouble to check readily available sources of information such as
specialized bibliographies. The kind of information that the members of
this list can best provide is that such as the above: work in progress, and
that published in languages that are considered "exotic" (or as classified
in a bookshop I was just in, "unusual") such as Japanese. But a PhD
dissertation? Such information is available on line from UMI, which pretty
much every scholar does or should know ...

Jonathan SILK at

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