The elephant naLagiri/nalagiri

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Fri Apr 9 11:22:24 UTC 1999

of course I mean "roaring" not "boaring"
examples for "d" to "l" transformation (sometimes with "L" and "D") are
kalamba = Skt. kadamba
duvAlasa = Skt. dvAdaZa
nullai = Skt. nudati, etc.
see Pischel, Grammatik der Prakrit-Sprachen, §§ 244seq.
compare also Pali

Roland Steiner wrote:

> In the "Nepalese recension" of the B.rhatkathaa the name of
> Pradyota´s elephant is Nalaagiri; cf. Budhasvaamin´s
> B.rhatkathaa"slokasa.mgraha (ed. Lacôte) 5.316d. This seems to be
> merely a variant of the form Na.daagiri which is transmitted in the
> "Kashmirian version" of the B.rhatkathaa; cf. K.semendra´s
> B.rhatkathaama~njarii (ed. Shivdatta/Parab): 2.2.26ab
> [Ca.n.damahaasenakathaa]; 2.2.139a [Devasmitaakhyaayikaa]; and
> Somadeva´s Kathaasaritsaagara (ed. Durgaprasad/Parab): 11.42ab;
> 12.10b; 13.7c.
> Linguistically, Middle Indo-Aryan nala (or, still more precise)
> cannot be derived from Skt. nada ("boaring"), but only from Skt.
> na.da (or nala) "reed".
> The name na.daagiri is already found in Dhaatupaa.tha 50.3 (ed.
> Boehtlingk) [ki.m"sulakaadaya.h or ki.m"sulukaadaya.h] ad Paa.nini
> 6.3.117 (the word is omitted by [at least various mss of] the
> Ka"sikaa).
> Roland Steiner

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