hybrid physiology

Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Sat Apr 3 14:53:28 UTC 1999

For starters, here's a verse from the Great Epic, and an article by Dhaky:

MahAbhArata: 9.44.84 [crit ed.]
                Gajendra-carma-vasanAs-tatha  kRSNAcinA-mbarAH /
                SkandamukhA MahA-rA-ja tathA- hyadaratomukhAH //
        "Some were clad in skins of large elephants, and some in black deer
skins. The mouths of some were on their shoulders.  Some had mouths on
their stomachs, some on their backs, some on their cheeks some on their
calves, and some on their flanks (?) and the mouths of many were placed on
other parts of their bodies," [Roy vol. 7 p. 136]

DHAKY, M.A. "BhUtas and BhUtanAyakas Elementals and Their Captains,"
Michael W, Meister, ed. Discourses on Siva.  (Philadelphia: Univ. of
Pennsylvania Press, l985), pp. 240-256.

Hope this helps, and that you'll reciprocate with any other textual citations,

Michael Rabe

>>From: Benjamin Fleming

>I am trying to find descriptions of animal-human hybrids (theriomorphic) in
>the context of Shiva's ganas or parisadas.  Here obviously Ganesh comes to
>mind, however, I am looking for specific description of other ganas and
>gana-like creatures with animal heads and human bodies.

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