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Thanks for the suggestion.  I had done this (and reread my own posting of
several months back about Namdev and Gora) but what I really need is some
article or another.  I need such a source because I am presenting a paper
soon and, before I do so, I need to offer my listeners (not India
specialists) some discussion of the significance of pots in Hinduism for
them to read before hand.

I'll go through the archives again in case I've missed anything.



On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Swaminathan Madhuresan wrote:

> In the Indology archives, please make use of the SEARCH facility.
> With the substring search, search for the words "pot", "bhrgu", etc.,
> Search the author's name: Palaniappa. Lot of info. you can get.
> SM
> --- Christian Lee Novetzke <cln4 at COLUMBIA.EDU> wrote:
> >         If anyone can help, I'm looking for information in general about the
> > use
> > and significance of pots in Hinduism, in tantra, mythology, and ritual.  In
> > particular, I need information about pots in Maharashtra as I'm doing a
> > project on Namdev and Gora the Potter.  I'm searching for, among other
> > things, discussions of the gaTasthApan ritual of Navaratra or any ritual
> > moments in Maharashtra involving pots.
> >
> >         Thanks in advance.
> >
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