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In the Indology archives, please make use of the SEARCH facility.
With the substring search, search for the words "pot", "bhrgu", etc.,
Search the author's name: Palaniappa. Lot of info. you can get.


--- Christian Lee Novetzke <cln4 at COLUMBIA.EDU> wrote:
>         If anyone can help, I'm looking for information in general about the
> use
> and significance of pots in Hinduism, in tantra, mythology, and ritual.  In
> particular, I need information about pots in Maharashtra as I'm doing a
> project on Namdev and Gora the Potter.  I'm searching for, among other
> things, discussions of the gaTasthApan ritual of Navaratra or any ritual
> moments in Maharashtra involving pots.
>         Thanks in advance.
>         Christian Novetzke
>         Columbia University

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