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Dear Colleagues,

In May 13, 1997 our e-journals, the *International Journal of Tantric
Studies* and the *Journal of South Asia Women Studies* became part of

We had to organize the journals into a structure which was able to
manage our over 1,000 subscribers and 2,000 WWW readers per month.
We also wanted to offer readers the possibility to contribute to the
journals by writing sections of the journals themselves, and to the
projects we have in mind: the NINA fonts for Devanagari, of which the
first printable version is on our ftp server
(, and other short and long-term
projects we are realizing such as the hard copy collection of our

The ASIATICA ASSOCIATION is a non-profit, non governmental, cultural
association to promote and diffuse the study of Asian cultures.
Please visit our page and find out our about our aims and purposes, our
electronic and hard copy publications, and our projects.
Contribute with your papers, reviews, announcements, news.

Please do not visit anymore our old sites to read the IJTS and the

Thank you,

Enrica (garzilli at or garzilli at
Dr. Enrica Garzilli                 University of Perugia (ITALY)
Istituto di Linguistica                      Piazza Morlacchi, 11
06123 Perugia                  Tel./Fax: +39-75-585 3755 (office)
Intl. Journ. of Tantric Studies, Journal of S. Asia Women Studies

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