Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at ANU.EDU.AU
Tue Sep 22 22:11:39 UTC 1998

Thanks for those who responded to my request for non-Sanskrit wrods for 
adornment (Gujarati shaNgAr).
Does anyone know the list of the traditional 16 adornments of an Indian 

Have you consulted B. J. Sandesara's study of these terms in medieval 
Gujarati literature? It is included in his two volume

Varnaka-samuccaya : samskrtika ane sahityika itihasa mate mahatvana 
padyanukari gadyavarnakono samuccaya. Vadodara : Maharaja Sayajirava 
Visvavidyalaya, 1956�59. 2 v. (Pracina Gurjara granthamala ; 4, 8).

v. 1 has an appendix on vastra and abharana
v. 2 has a chapter discussing these (chapter 3)

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