Girish Beeharry gkb at ICARUS.UOM.AC.MU
Tue Sep 22 15:02:50 UTC 1998


As you may know the navaraatrii (religious ceremonies for
goddess durgaa) has started with the new moon. I have been
looking at some of the available texts for the durgaasaptashaTii
(or chaNDii) and I am bewildered by the variants in the shlokas.
As example, I have seen three different 'versions' of both the
argalaastotra and the kiilakamantra! I haven't looked at the
kavacha or the text proper in any detail yet. Metrically, the
differing shlokas seem ok.

My rather naive questions are: Is this 'normal'? Has anyone who
has worked with the mss seen many variants? Is there any
critical edition of the text?

Many thanks beforehand for your help.


Girish Kumar Beeharry

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