Decipherment of Indus Script

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 17 01:57:18 UTC 1998

Mr s.Kalyanaraman writes:

>Breakthrough! So many claims have been made so far (cf. Possehl's Indus
>Writing System)that I am submitting this after careful deliberation and
>years of work on an electronic comparative Indian lexicon.

Dear Mr Kalyanaraman,

  I must congratulate you on your monumental achievement which may help
us to unlock secrets which are currently beyond our reach..I do
have a small question for you based on what I've read of your paper..
(pardon my naievity if I missed some very elementary point)
In the begining, while listing the technique of reconstruction( as I
understand it), you said that words belonging to all Indian languages
would be listed and have thereby included Urdu. Has the Urdu word in any
given case been used to reconstruct the assumed original root word? The
reason why I'm specifically asking you this is because Urdu,
as is well known has an unusually large number of words of Farsi descent
which in turn are derived from Arabic, which is not related to
any Indian language that I know off..I therefore am not sure of why you
would want to list Urdu words and more importantly, how this would help
in the derivation of the original root...


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