Hittite his'uwa festival and ancient migrants from India

Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Wed Sep 9 22:22:42 UTC 1998

A recent compilation may be of interest:
(Guterbock, H.G., The Hurrian Element in the Hittite Empire, in: Hoffner, Jr.,
Harry A. (ed.), Perspectives on Hittite CIvilization: selected writings of
Hans Gustav Guterbock, Chicago, Oriental Institute of the University of
Chicago, 1997). In this article, Guterbock refers to a search for the tablets
of Kuzzuwatna and the production of copies of the ritual of his'uwa festival.
Could this relate to the vis'uva of the Aryan tradition? or the maha_vrata,
another solstice festival of the Aitareya A_ran.yaka?

A re-view of the Mitanni documents (including Kikkuli's horse-training
manual)and Mesopotamian glyptic traditions of Mitanni cylinder seals seems to
indicate the possibility of migration from India to Mesopotamia via the gulf,
maritime route ca. 22nd century BC. cf. P. Thieme's thesis on 'aryan'gods in
Mitanni (1960). (See extensive bibliographical and pictorial notes presented
on the web pages at:


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