Mitanni problem (Was SV: method of dating RV, III)

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>Meluhhans were in Sumer and needed an interpreter as evidenced by a cylinder
>seal (and perhaps, there was a Meluhhan colony too, cf. Parpola); why can't
>another hypothesis be explored? That some Vedic-speaking 'Proto-indians'
>migrated in the first second half of the third millennium, via the sea-route,
>i.e. from the Sindhu to the Persian gulf and upstream on the Euphrates to
>Mitanni, Bogazhkoi, carrying the tradition of cylinder seals with battle
>motifs, unicorns, ligatured animals, specialized horse-training Vedic
>vocabulary and Sanskrit names...

One would expect such a migration to have been noticed and recorded
by the Sumerians and Akkadians of Mesopotamia.  (Unless it happened
in the 50 years or so of Gutian rule, between tha fall of Sargon's
Akkadian empire and the "Sumerian revival" of Gudea of Lagash and Ur

The Hurrians themselves, when they appear in the neighbourhood of
Mesopotamia c. 2200, are said to do so from the north and east.

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