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S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Sat Oct 31 16:17:42 UTC 1998

"> The main> basis for this hypothesis is the word marianna, supposedly IE
and> supposedly meaning "aristocrat," or the like. The word appears> primarily
in texts from the Hitttite capital, from Ugarit and Alalakh 
> in Syria, in Nuzi in northern Mesopotamia." 
> Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

For facilitating further debate, let me site some lexemes which may provide
some leads for analysing the word 'marianna':

marya (metric mariya) = young man, stallion (RV); maryaka (RV); mara_k, mra_k
boy; mare_k mere_ik = girl (Ash.); me_re_, medre = boy (Kt.); mair = ibex
(Shum.); maristan = slave (Kho.); marista_n (Sh.)(CDIAL 9874 and 9894) [It is
also debatable if the lexeme is influenced by mar-am = valour (Ta.); mar-van-
= hero, commander, inhabitant of desert tract (Ta.)].

Cognate with mair = ibex (Shum): marai = sambar, Indian elk; mare = a kind of
deer (Ka.); maru_ka = a deer (Skt.); 

marukan- = scion,member of a clan (Ta); merva, meriya = son's son (Pa.)


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