PIE breakup in ca. 1750 B.C.

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"...ratham na kulis'ah samr.n.vati" (RV 3.2.1)(Wilson's translation based on
Sa_yan.a's commentary: as a wheelwright fabricates a car".

Pa_n.ini interprets 'rathya' as a chariot with its team or equipment; ra_c =
tools, implements, furniture,materials (Gujara_ti_). Derivatives are 'raccha_'
= carriage-road (Pali. Pkt.); 'raham.ga' = wheel (Pkt.)

cakra = wheel (RV); ca_k = wheel (Gujara_ti_); saka = wheel (Sinhala);
cakkaram (San:gam Tamil). Derivatives: chakr.u~ = cart (Gujara_ti_); chakr.a_
= two-wheeled bullock-cart (Hindi); s'akat.ika_ (Pa_n.ini); caka_ri_ = wheel
rut (Mara_t.hi_); kula_la cakka = potter's wheel (Pali).

'kulis'a' seems to be cognate (?) with kullad.a = fireplace, small vessel

I shall be grateful for lexemes in the IE stream (both proto- and later)
related to the semantics: carriage, wheel, wheelwright and the possible
hypothetical constructions of IE. I am not able to readily access Carl Darling
Buck's synonyms in principal IE languages.


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